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Green Tea May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Green tea is believed to provide many health benefits. According to the study, among the benefits of drinking green tea is to prevent breast and prostate cancer.

Researchers have presented the results of their research describing the specific mechanism of green tea consumption. In the study explained that drinking green tea can inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor and hepatocyte growth factor. Both these can increase the growth, migration, and invasion of tumor cells.

Leader and author of the study, Dr. Suzanne Henning said their research showed that drinking six cups of green tea affects the tissue in the prostate. Moreover, according to him, their research also provides knowledge in terms of reducing the risk of disease that is often experienced by men.

"This study offers new insights into the mechanisms that hjau tea consumption may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by preventing the inflammatory processes associated with the growth of prostate cancer" he said, quoted by NaturalNews.

Furthermore, in the study the researchers looked at random people who drink six cups of green tea every day for three to eight weeks. Then, blood and urine samples were collected before and after supplementation to test the concentration of serum prostate-specific antigen ( PSA ).

Then, the scientists found that PSA levels were significantly lower at the end of the study compared to the base rate in men who consumed green tea. Researchers conclude, green tea consumption is associated with decreased risk of breast and prostate cancers in women and men aged badly aged and mature.

"The results of this study confirmed that drinking six cups of green tea each day or supplemented with 800 mg of green tea extract to protect against breast and prostate cancer" he concluded.
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