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How to Eliminate the Cravings to Eat Chocolate

Candy, cupcake, and chocolate makes it vulnerable people who often eat them become addicted. On the other hand definitely craving sweet foods cause health problems such as obesity and diabetes. If you do not want that to happen, easy and inexpensive way to solve it is a sport.

A new study from the UK says chocolate addiction can be overcome by exercise, such as running for a short time.

To prove it, the researcher tried to ban a number of fans that do not consume chocolate their favorite food for two days. After that they were asked to sit quietly or the sprint.

As a result, participants could only sit still eating sweets and chocolate which is served two times as many servings of sweet Makana before the 'fast' for two days.

What happened? "Exercise can attenuate the symptoms of stress such as tension, boredom and fatigue so that they will no longer be addicted to chocolate that is usually used as a means to cope with stress (comfort eating)," explained one researcher Hwajung Oh, Ph.D. (reported by Men's Health).

According to Oh, this could also be due to concentrating in exercise can suppress your desires and thoughts about chocolate, including your interest in sweet foods.

That is no longer addicted to chocolate, just select the kind of sport that is lightweight and does not take too much time. "Short-term physical activity a day, such as walking for 10-15 minutes can help improve a person's ability to control himself so you can not easily tangled when faced with temptation," said Oh.
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