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Listening to Music Can Strengthen the Heart

During this time, various studies about music just associate it as one remedy for psychological or mental disorders in a person. However, a study found other benefits of listening to music. which strengthens the heart and accelerates the recovery of heart patients.

This has been demonstrated by researchers divided 74 patients into three groups of cardiovascular disease. The first group included in an aerobics class for three weeks. The second group was asked to listen to their favorite music for 30 minutes a day.

While the third group was only asked to listen to music and not doing cardiovascular exercises are usually recommended for heart patients. At the end of the experiment. the participants were asked to listen to music while exercising showed significantly improved cardiac function. Their exercise capacity was increased to 39 percent.

But when compared with the group of participants who only did aerobic exercise capacity they could only reach 29 percent. Whereas the participants who did not exercise and just listen to their favorite music for half an hour per day. increasing their sports functions only reach up to 19 percent.

Besides the improved cardiac function. the function of the endothelium participants also showed improvement. The endothelium function can not be ignored because it is used to maintain the body's vascular response.

"When listening to music we like. endorphins are released from the brain and this improves vascular health. But keep in mind if there is no best music for everyone. most importantly, what they like and make them happy." said Prof Delijanin Ilic from Institute of Cardiology. University of Nis. Serbia (as reported by the Telegraph)

Prof. Ilic admitted less agreed with previous studies that say that there are a number of musical genres that are less good for heart health. such as heavy metal music which tends to add to the stress. while the opera or classical music tends to be able to stimulate the release of endorphins.

However, although this study is based solely on the patient's heart condition. Prof. Ilic believes if the findings can be applied to the wider community. most importantly, they listen to their own favorite music.
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