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Number of Teeth Needed to Chew

An adult has 32 teeth including wisdom teeth at the back, which in many people had been revoked. What if the number of teeth is less than that ? How many teeth are really needed ?

Evolved human teeth last time when someone entered the age of 45-50 years and is said to have more than enough to accompany the human journey.

Damaged or decayed teeth can occur from childhood, but if the damage is severe or does not have the support again from the gums then teeth usually are not sustainable. To replace the damaged teeth and more people choose dental implants in order to complete the number of teeth.

Core function of teeth is to help a person to eat (chew and tear food) as well as talking. Well, researchers find fungi to support at least the required minimum of 20 teeth from 32 teeth present. Therefore if you still have more than 20 teeth are not too problematic if you do not use dentures.

But for those who only have the number as many as 20 teeth, the dentist believes can still work well as long as it works focus on the front teeth. Front teeth is an important part in the appearance of the teeth, while the molars are the teeth of the most difficult and costly in terms of treatment.

As quoted from the Independent, people who are older than 40 years will usually begin to lose the crown or layers of the tooth. So it takes a more complicated maintenance compared with younger adults. Professor Jimmy Steele, chairman of the school of dentistry at Newcastle University said it would encourage the rising cost of care.

Currently the function of the teeth is not only limited help chew or speak, but also the aesthetic factor or appearance. Although the number of teeth that are less than 20, but if the result of missing teeth can ruin the appearance of the dental implant is still being done by most people.

Although the minimum needed only 20 teeth, does not mean a person is free to revoke or not taking care of their teeth properly. Because the teeth is one of the important organs in the body. Losing a tooth is already included in the form of disability.
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