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Signs of Excessive Exercise

Sport is an activity that is important for the health of the body. But, if done to excess of course the result is not good. Sports are supposed to nourish the body, but instead bring health problems. For those of you who underwent exercise routine, know the signs if it is excessive.

Signs of excessive exercise :

  • Tired and out of energy
If after a workout you feel like sleep or take a break, then you are too hard to force the body. Sports, as reported from Live Strong, is supposed to make your body feel refreshed and energized so excited activism.

  • Irritable and moody
If the little things can make your mood turn into a sensitive and moody, it may be a sign that the body is very tired. The thing to keep in mind, your body also needs adequate rest periods.

  • Sleeping too long or can not sleep
Are you restless and difficult to sleep when the body is tired ? Or whether sleep duration is long but you still feel tired ? Both of these can be caused by excessive exercise. When you exercise too much, your body interprets it as stress.

These conditions, it will trigger the body to produce stress hormones or cortisol that causes the body to become difficult to sleep. On the other hand, excessive exercise also makes some people more tired than usual. Sleep is the time for the body and brain do the repairs. So, if you are exercising too hard to force the body, then the body will ' ask ' for longer breaks.

  • Legs feel heavy
After doing olahrga and legs feel very heavy or painful, is also a sign that you are doing exercises that are too heavy. Legs or arms are too tired muscles can be caused by not having enough time to fully recharge and improve pain.

  • Often difficult to heal when sick or ill
Sports can indeed boost the immune system. But if too excessive, can damage it. So, you are more susceptible to disease and make the body longer to recover when hurt.
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