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Some Kind of Food is Good and Bad for Teeth

Teeth is an important organ for the body, the function and cosmetics. You must be smart to choose foods that are good or bad for the teeth. Intake that we consume every day also affects the teeth. Limiting or avoiding certain types of intake can help prevent you having a toothache.

Here is a list of foods and beverages for the best or worst teeth (Quoted from Periclean):

The food is bad for teeth:

  • Berry colored
This fruit contains a natural dye that can be left on the teeth. In addition, the fruit is too acidic can also erode the enamel and even gave effect stains on teeth.

  • Dried fruit
Dried fruit is known as one of the sticky foods and high calorie. Often these pieces will be caught between the teeth and can not come off easily, which can cause tooth decay and other problems.

  • Gummy candy
Just like dry fruits, sugar and acids contained in the gummy candy can lead to bacteria and cause tooth decay.

  • Sodas and sports drinks
It is no secret that soda is bad for teeth because of the sugar and acid content is very high. In addition, the acid in sports drinks also known to stain teeth.

  • Coffee and tea
The second type of beverage is naturally also can provide a permanent stain if consumed in the long run.

  • Foods made from flour
Including crackers, French fries, white bread and cakes. These foods can be lodged in the teeth in a long time and lead to the formation of the bacteria so that the teeth at risk of becoming hollow.

Good food consumed for dental health:

  • Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber
Including pears, apples, celery, green vegetables, onions and carrots. This fruit helps to neutralize acids and enzymes. In addition they also can increase saliva production.

  • Dairy products
Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt not only provide calcium, but also can help feed the mineral essential for healthy teeth.

  • Unsweetened chewing gum
Chewing gum is known to help increase saliva production and remove food particles that may be stuck between the teeth.

  • Water
Consumption of enough water in fact also a positive effect on dental health. Water can 'drain' sugar and acid from the mouth as a whole.

  • Nuts
Nuts and beans are rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein. Nuts are usually somewhat hard texture is also believed to help stimulate the production of saliva, so your mouth clean.

  • Fish
Fish meat is rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, so that consumption of fish meat is very good for the teeth and health in general.
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