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Type of Headache You Need to Know

Headaches can strike at any time and could be a symptom of various diseases. It is therefore necessary to understand the type of headache you are feeling, to be able to do the proper treatment.

Here are four types of headache ( quoted from AsiaOne ) :

  • Headaches due to Tension
Is a type of headache that most people would experience it. Two of the three men had experienced at least once in his life. This type of headache is more common in women than men. Patients experiencing headaches ranging from mild to moderate, often describes the pain as the head tied up tight. The pain can also be felt at the back of the head and neck area.

These headaches can be caused by stress, either emotionally or physically, or fatigue. Tension headaches are also associated with depression. In addition to pharmaceutical treatment, how to treat this type of headache is to change your lifestyle.

  • Migraine
Migraine affects women at least three times more often than in men. Migraines can produce pain ranging from moderate to severe pain. Often this starts feeling pain before it becomes a constant pain, pain that can last up to several hours, in more extreme cases could even days.

This pain is usually only felt on one side of the head. Patients can ngalami sensitivity to light and sound, or even nausea and vomiting. Migraines can be caused by several things, such as hormonal changes, food and even changes in the weather.

  • Recurring Headaches
This type of headache is not too common, but patients may experience severe headaches. During recurrent headaches, the patient will experience a headache every day for several days, sometimes even for weeks, with the main attack at night.

The headache can suddenly disappear for a long time before being returned was without any warning. This often occurs in men. Patients experiencing sharp pain behind one eye or on one side of the head.

Many women also experience swelling, redness, and watering in the affected eye. Other symptoms include feeling restless. Unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking alcohol or smoking is considered to be the main trigger for the onset of these headaches, although experts are still not sure of the cause.

  • Sinus Headaches
It may accompany sinusitis sufferers, an inflammation of the sinuses, an inflammation of the sinuses, cavities in the skull. Patients will experience deep pain, continuous pain in the forehead, cheekbones and nose. In addition, sudden head movements will intensify the pain. Other symptoms such as mucus discharge, fever, swelling of the face or pain in the upper teeth.

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