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A Simple Way to Prevent Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucosa of the local or diffuse gastric mucosal protective mechanism evolved when filled with bacteria or other irritants.

Normally, the stomach is filled with acid naturally produced to trigger the digestive enzymes break down food particles and helps the digestive system. However, excessive stomach acid can sometimes be painful. Pain in the gut is the most common symptom of gastritis, due to excess stomach acid.

Some simple steps separately reduce stomach acid (Boldsky reported):

  • Change lifestyle
Your lifestyle has a major role in health conditions. Changing your lifestyle can help restore normal levels of stomach acid into. To that end, your eating habits need to be considered. Overeating or not eating the right foods - can increase stomach acid. In addition, as much as possible to avoid smoking and drinking less coffee.

  • Drink water and milk
Dehydration is a major cause of stomach acid up. However, water can neutralize acid in the stomach, so drink as much water as possible. Another way of reducing stomach acid by drinking a glass of milk. In addition to reducing the burning sensation in the stomach, the milk also gives a cooling effect.

  • Chewing mint leaves
Cool and refreshing is a simple and natural way of reducing stomach acid. Mint reduce stomach acid and also helps in improving the digestive system.

  • Be careful when eating
When you eat, do not let excess air into the mouth. This can lead to bloating and unwanted gas. When the air is released through belching, it may carry excess stomach acid into the esophagus causing inflammation.
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