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Apparently, Lemon and Tea Can be Used as an Antibiotic

Antibiotics are one of the drugs that help the body fight off infection. However, it can cause the risk of antibiotic resistance from some germs and bacteria. It can certainly be dangerous for human survival, and needed a way to avoid antibiotics. Solution of this problem is to try to use a natural antibiotic, such as lemon and tea.

As reported by NaturalNews, lemon juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as its high vitamin C content. The content contained in the lemon juice will add a synergistic effect in the fight against all kinds of infections.

Additionally, lemon is also very low in sugar and boost the immune system, making it more effective to keep your body clean from any foreign pathogen. Combine that with the fact that the pH of lemon juice to balance the ideal environment to create an atmosphere which is hostile to the disease.

Furthermore, another one of the easiest ways to fight the bacterial infection is to make tea warm (100-120 degrees Fahrenheit) were filled with antibacterial components ( plus lemon ).

Not only give the digestive system time to free berisitirahat energy for the body 's immune system to effectively fight against microbes, but warm tea also allows you to make a potion that gives a synergistic effect and improve outcomes by leaps and bounds.

The most effective way to ward off harmful bacteria is to eat lots of food and drinks antibacterial. In addition, limiting sugar intake, stress control, increase the natural form of vitamin C and eat dair herbal immune enhancer could be the most effective way to ward off harmful bacteria.
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