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Be careful, these foods can decrease intelligence

Food is an important factor that makes the body become healthier, fitter, and also improve the ability to think. It was also supposed to be able to meet the needs of the nutrients needed by the body. But not all food is good for the body. In fact there are some foods that can lower intelligence.

Some foods that can lower the intelligence of the brain:

  • Foods high in sugar
Sugar and other additives that are in sugary foods affect not only weight gain, but also affect brain function. The high fructose substance that is in sweet foods will cause neurological problems for the body.

  • Alcohol
Not only is known to harm the liver, but alcohol can also make the body experiencing memory loss. Alcohol was also able to make the brain can not think clearly. Therefore limit the consumption of alcohol about 1-2 glasses per week.

  • Junk food
A study conducted at the University of Montreal said that junk food can change the chemical in the brain which in turn can cause the body to feel depressed and anxious. Besides fat in junk food will affect dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone that supports the body's cognitive function, improved memory, and emotional control.

  • Canned food
Almost all processed foods contain chemicals such as dyes, addictive substances, artificial flavorings, and preservatives. All these chemicals can destroy cells in the brain and also affects the behavior becomes hyperactive.

  • Salty foods
Contained high levels of salt in salty foods will affect cognitive function and impair the body body body's ability to think.

  • Canned protein foods
Protein is a nutrient that is useful for building muscle. This protein can be obtained from animal foods such as meat sources. Therefore avoid processed protein foods such as sausage or bacon for protein content have been lost.

  • Cigarettes or nicotine
Regardless of nicotine assumption was not really food products, but in fact nicotine is consumed in the form of cigarettes. Not only cause premature aging, bad breath, and an increased risk of lung cancer but nicotine also affects the production and function of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters serve to tighten the capillaries, blood vessels play an important role in brain function.
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