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Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a movement took a deep breath through your nose, then exhale through your mouth slowly Deep breathing is essential for physical and emotional health. However, due to breathing tends to be a reflex, causing breathing activity in the often forgotten.

Here are the other benefits of deep breathing :

  • Relieve stress
Daily activities can sometimes increase stress levels. This causes breathing becomes faster and blood pressure increases. Both of these conditions can be bad for health. Breathed in can be one of the best things to relieve stress, so that the mind focused and clear again. When breathed in deeply, you send a signal to the brain to calm down and relax. The brain then signals to the body forward, so you feel relaxed again.
  • Reduce anxiety
Anxiety can be hazardous to health and cause some health problems and diseases. Exercises deep breaths can help clear any ' blockages ' in the mind, thus helping you re- focus. That way you can reduce or eliminate your anxiety.
  • Improve blood circulation
Breathe in on a regular basis can increase and improve the delivery of oxygen to all organs of the body. Try to take a deep breath through your stomach to increase the oxygen supply to the organs of the body and help the development of the entire body system.
  • Helps Detoxify
Take a deep breath we can routinely perform body detoxification organ. Because when we inhale deeply, can help remove toxins in the body, thus cleansing your body system.
  • Lowers blood pressure
According to a study published in the journal The Lancet, heart patients who take short breaths as gusts of 12-14 per minute ( six breath per minute is considered optimal ) are more likely to have low oxygen levels, which can damage the skeletal muscle and metabolic function, causing muscle atrophy ( decreased muscle mass ). Routine exhaled in lowering blood pressure has been shown.
  • Helps reduce pain
With a deep breath, the body will release endorphins. Is is a substance that gives a sense of comfort and also a natural pain reliever. This hormone can also make the muscles become more relaxed. Tense muscles is a major cause of pain in the neck, back and stomach. A number of studies have shown that inhaled deeply beneficial for asthmatics.
  • Help improve physical and mental health
Breathing can increase oxygen levels in the blood, slowing your heart rate, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and helps digestion, which in turn helps improve mental performance and energy.
  • Relaxation Stomach
Research has shown to be able to breathe with the help relax the stomach and your abdomen to move appropriately. So, if you are experiencing upheavals in the belly try to draw breath in, especially when you are on the toilet.
  • Reduce Nervousness
Nervousness is a common feeling experienced by every person. Sometimes nerves can make a person difficult to speak, when it happens, breathing can be done to overcome them. Try to close your eyes while breathing deeply for a minute or two.
  • Prevent overeating
Stress is one of the main triggers appetite. In order not to overeat when stressed, you can handle it with breathing exercises. When appetite appears when stressed, take a breath and slowly remove the food from your mind and focus for relaxation.
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