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Benefits of Sleeping in the Dark, Without Lights

Sleeping is one of the effective activity to rest and recharge the body. Many people who do not care about the lighting conditions during sleep. In fact, when sleeping room lighting conditions may affect your health.

A study involving Spanish and U.S. researchers have found melatonin, a natural hormone that is associated with sleep can help control weight. That is, the level of melatonin is generally meninngkat in the dark at night, appeared to fight obesity by stimulating the production of "beige fat".

"Fat is a kind of beige fat cells but not 'white fat', and tend to burn calories rather than store them. Consequently, the 'good fats' will help regulate body weight and metabolism," said the researcher, was quoted Newsmaxhealth.

To note, beige fat can be produced naturally by the body. However, these fats can also be found in some types of fruits and vegetables like lettuce, almonds, sunflower seeds, coriander and cherries.

Meanwhile, the results of research conducted at University of Granada Institute for Neuroscience, the Hospital Carlos III of Madrid, and the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio is still based on testing in laboratory mice. The researchers said their findings might explain why melatonin has been shown to have metabolic benefits in treating diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

"In conclusion, sleep in the dark and consuming foods containing melatonin can help control weight and prevent cardiovascular disease associated with obesity and diabetes," explains the researcher.
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