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Color Therapy, Natural Remedies to Treat Pregnancy Depression

Pregnancy is a wonderful process for a woman, but at the same time can also cause depression. Such as mood swings, hypertension and others. To overcome this problem, doctors usually give you a variety of drugs.

To cope with the symptoms of depression during pregnancy, not only can be overcome with medication. According to Dr. Poornima Ramakhrisna, gynecologist from Cradle to say that the color can also be used to relieve symptoms of depression during pregnancy.

Color and methodologies that can help relieve symptoms of depression during pregnancy (quoted Health Me Up):

  • Orange
Orange color, a color which is full of energy and have a calming effect and can be soft. This color can help keep the uterus of pregnant women to keep warm. The orange color also helps evoke the spirit of pregnant women when experiencing depression and loneliness. apply the color orange in the bedroom, to create a calm mother.

  • Blue
Same with the color orange, blue color also has a calming effect. This color can help pregnant women during the early phase of pregnancy to remain calm. The blue color can be applied in a variety of home furnishings, such as flower vases placed in the bedroom, to help mothers relieve pressure and keep him calm.

  • Green
The green color also helps pregnant women to be more at ease and soothe tired nerves. The green color also has an effect on ujterus menenangtkan through a hormone released from the brain. Hormone that makes the mind and mood calmer this is released when looking at earth colors like brown and green.

There are many other things that could be associated with a color. Like a walk in the beautiful gardens and sunny, or see blooms can also provide energy and feeling relaxed for pregnant women.
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