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Delicious Foods that Can Lose Weight

In general, delicious food are foods that contain lots of fat, sugar, dlll. Who are at risk of weight gain. As for losing weight, we are only allowed to consume healthy foods that taste is not too bad.

Therefore many people are not to diet, because they do not like to eat healthy foods, which are considered to have a bad taste, and not filling for them. But this opinion is broken, because abcnews.go.com launch of delicious foods that can make you lose weight.

Here are some foods that can lose weight :

  • Hot chocolate
Cocoa contained in a cup of hot chocolate is rich in antioxidants that serve to reduce levels of the hormone cortisol . The hormone cortisol is a hormone that can lead to increased body fat . Even a study at Cornell University found that the concentration of antioxidants in chocolate hot five times greater than in black tea .

  • Chicken soup
Chicken soup can be very healthy , especially if the broth is made from vegetables while chicken meat just take the chest. The water in the soup will make you feel full faster because it can make digestion work more slowly . Which will reduce the frequency of your meals .

  • Coffee
Coffee can boost your metabolism for a healthy dose of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid ( CGA ) . This acid will burn fat deposits in the body . Besides the chemical compounds contained in coffee will slow the release of glucose into the blood stream and decrease insulin resistance that are useful to prevent weight gain .

  • Red wine
Red wine can be your weapon to lose weight . A study at the University of Ulm , Germany indicated that resveratrol (a type of antioxidant ) which is in red wine inhibit the production of fat cells . What's more , another substance called calcium pyruvate helps burn fat cells into energy .

  • Spicy foods
Some people like spicy food . These foods can burn fat deposits in the body due to the presence of substances capcaisin .

It turns out that foods can lose weight do not always have the sense that less delicious . The above are some of the delicious foods that you must try and a bonus your weight will go down
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