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Facts About Fat that You Need to Know

Fat is a macro nutrient has an important role for the body to store excess energy derived from food. Therefore, the fat has many functions that are essential to maintain the body healthy.

However, if a person has excess fat in the body, will cause obesity, and will be likely to cause some dangerous diseases.

There are some interesting facts about fat that has not been widely known (Quoted Shape, Shawn Talbott, Ph.D), among others:

  • Three types of fat
Fat that consists of three types, differentiated by color and function, namely white, brown and beige.

White fat is the type most often deemed useless. This type of fat metabolism is low or difficult to digest, and does not help burn calories as did muscle. White fat is also the predominant fat in the body and the storage of excess calories.

Brown fat or brown fat, a type of fat that is rich in blood supply. This fat can burn calories, but only in mice or other mammals.

Several types of living things can turn the fat to burn calories and generate heat to keep them warm in the winter. Humans also have brown fat, but in very small amounts so as not to burn calories or warm the body.

While beige fat, is the fat in between the white and brown. This type of fat has a more active metabolism. Therefore many researchers are trying to find a way to change the white to beige fat cells this.

One way is through diet, exercise, or the use of supplements. Some evidence suggests beige fat can be formed with exercise and consumption of brown seaweed, licorice root, and red pepper. However, to make sure it still needs further research.

  • Butt fat is healthier
People who have a pear body shape, it turns out to be healthier than the apple. Pears is a form of body where fat accumulates in many hips and buttocks. While the apple is a form of body fat to accumulate in the upper part of the body, especially in the abdomen.

Belly fat more easily react to the stress hormone cortisol than fat in the thighs or buttocks. So, when subjected to stress, any excess calories that enter the body will accumulate around the abdomen.

Belly fat is also considered more dangerous because it can cause inflammation if it reacts with chemicals. Belly fat can ' travel' to the brain and makes you feel always hungry and tired, so it makes you tend to overeat and eat junk food more often, and are reluctant to exercise.

  • Calories are burned first, then fat
When the body burns calories through exercise, it does not mean automatic fat burned. Fat burning process occurs gradually. First of all, the body burns calories, whether it's calories come from carbohydrates or from body fat reserves.

The more calories you burn during exercise, fat reserves will be reduced, and eventually eliminate fat.

  • Affect mood
Excess fat in the abdomen can activate the hormone cortisol. According to the study, this hormone is one of the causes of serious mental disorders, such as mood changing or bipolar disorder. Fat also makes a positive mood levels decreased, because more easily affected by stress.
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