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Fruit is Safe to Eat for Diabetics

For diabetics, many ways that sugar levels in the body can be maintained. One is eating foods that help improve insulin production and protects cells from damage. Many diabetics who do not know the food and fruits that can be consumed, or forbidden to be consumed.

As is known, most fruits can raise the blood sugar levels. However, there are some fruits that have health benefits for people with diabetes the body until it can help them move like a normal person.

Here are some pieces that can help maintain the health of diabetics (Healthmonitor reported):

  • Apple
For people with diabetes, eating apples good for your health. Apple has about three grams of fiber or 12 % of the 25 % recommended daily. In addition, the content of pectin in apples can help dissolve the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

  • Grapes
Eating grapes for diabetics good for your health. Where a high content of vitamin C may protect cells from damage caused by high blood sugar levels.

  • Blueberry
The fruit is one of the best fruits for diabetics to be able to maintain health, this article contains fruit that can help increase the production of insulin. So the sugar levels in the body are always normal.

  • Cherry
High content of antioxidants, making cherries may reduce inflammation associated negative effects of diabetes. While the benefits of cherries can be obtained from all existing types of cherries.
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