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Harmful Content Contained in the Perfume

Perfume is a liquid that is a mixture of essential oils and compounds that emit odors, fixatives, and solvents used to give fragrance to the human body and to boost confidence. Many people never escape from the perfume. Not only women. but also men willing to spend lots of money to buy expensive perfumes.

However. experts warn. even perfume can boost self-confidence. however. no one knows if the ingredients in perfumes can cause problems in the well-being and affect hormones. Even for expensive perfumes though.

As reported by genius beauty. cosmetics representative of the organization to remind the world that in 1973. the perfume manufacturer in the United States do not have to specify the full content on product packaging. This means. the manufacture of perfumes including the component that has not been tested.

To prove it. the experts to verify the 17 perfumes at random. The results found that in each of the perfume. there are about 14 ingredients that should not be included in the manufacture of perfume components.

One perfume that has forbidden components is Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio. This perfume has a 17 substances that should not be listed in the ingredients. Coco Chanel has 18 agents and American Eagle Seventy Seven. has 24 ingredients. These materials in the test. and the results were surprising.
Substances found hidden in the component containing the allergen. A substance that can cause headaches. dermatitis. and asthma attacks. Most of the allergens substance found in Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio. as many as 19 items.

The report also found. that the perfume producers using substances that can disrupt the balance of hormones in the body. Glpw like JLo perfume by Jennifer Lopez. This perfume has seven components which have a serious impact on hormones.

Six of which affect ekstrogen hormones in women. and the rest disrupt thyroid gland function. The results of this study. says that in general. only half of the 91 fragrances and perfume materials. 46 Or rather, that is safe for the body.
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