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How to Analyze Disease by Eye Color

Eyes are one of the most important organs for humans. Every person has the eye shape and eye color are different. Some also use eye color as a guide one's health risks. In theory, they mention that the color characteristics of the eye associated with endurance and the body's ability to adapt.

Researchers from the University of South Australia Matthew Leach said, he used to use eye color analysis to determine the trend of the patient's disease.

"This analysis is not a stand-alone diagnostic tool, but as another tool to aid diagnosis. You probably have a stack of clinical signs that point to a specific disease, and this approach supports the whole explanation" he said as reported by News.com.

Before understanding the analysis, Leach provides an understanding of each individual and their characteristics. Including, genotypes that express certain types and pathological processes, which may occur in any individual.

Broadly speaking, there are three colors eye to analyze health risks:

  • Blue eye
Blue eyes called lymphatics. Eye color is usually owned by people with low skin pigment. People with blue eyes have a tendency to water problem, his body tends to retain water and lymphatic disorders.

Although the general condition of their body to be healthier than brown -eyed people, but the disease is often disturbing is the owner of the blue eyes and respiratory system disorders urinary tract.

Blue-eyed people are also prone to allergies, skin diseases such as eczema, and dermatitis seborrea, chronic sinuses, shortness of breath, pain, and ear infections, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, stress, kidney and bladder disorders.

  • Brown eyes
Brown eyes with hematogenic known. Brown pigment on the eye is usually shaped like a carpet that surrounds the iris. People with brown eyes are often impaired blood composition, heart, and gastrointestinal.

In addition, blockage of veins, mineral deficiency, lactose intolerance, and decreased levels of white blood cells.

  • Hazel eyes
People with hazel eyes often associated with bile and digestive disorders due to liver problems. Characteristics of the eye is composed of materials that have been damaged blood flow, due to liver imbalance.

The most common problems experienced were gastrointestinal disorders, liver, intestine, gall bladder, and digestive disorders
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