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How to lose weight with a fun, without diet and exercise

Everyone would want a slim body shape and ideal. So, most of them are willing to abide by the rules of dieting and eating there. there are even some people who do excessive exercise to reduce their weight.

But it turns out, there are some fun activities that can lose weight, and make the body become thinner.

Some fun activities, which can lose weight (quoted from Boldsky):

  • Sleep
Lack of sleep has been proven in research, as one of the factors triggering weight gain. So, try to meet the needs of sleep every day. Getting enough sleep is not only healthy, but also to lose weight.

  • Having sex
One of the most enjoyable way to lose weight is by having sex. This is certainly one way only recommended for married couples. Getting hot activity on the bed, the more calories burned.

  • Kiss
The art of kissing is actually also helps the body to burn enough calories. So do not just kissing. Season kiss with passion so intimate activities that one can make the body lean.

  • Acupuncture
Not many people are willing to try this one way to lose weight. Though acupuncture is one of the best ways to lose weight without diet or exercise. Unfortunately, acupuncture is still relatively expensive and somewhat hard to find.

  • Drinking water
Beverage is best for the body of water. Because water contains no calories, can cleanse toxins from the body, and plays a role in the metabolism and burning calories. Before eating, try drinking three glasses of water first in order to make the stomach feel full and do not eat food excessively.

  • Overcome your stress
If attacked by stress, weight usually will directly increase dramatically due to uncontrolled food intake. So overcome stress before it starts attacking threat overeating. By staying calm thinking, the weight will remain controlled.

  • Make friends
If you want to lose weight without diet or exercise, find new friends and get them to the streets. Ask for help on them to remind and motivate diet so you do not eat haphazardly.

  • Volunteer
This is one way to try if you want to be thin without dieting or exercise. Become synonymous volunteers volunteered their time and energy for others. Activity is the same as exercise for the body and mind so they can lose weight without realizing it.

  • A walk with the dog
If you have a pet dog at home, frequently took her for a walk. No need to be too long, but do every day. Without diet or exercise, a walk with dogs able to lose weight.
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