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Important Facts About Fat in the Body

Fat is a macro nutrient has an important role for the body to store excess energy derived from food. Therefore, the fat has many functions that are essential to maintain the body healthy.

Fat deposits in the body not only makes people not confident with her ​​body shape, but also carries certain health risks. There are important facts about fat that is rarely known.

Some important facts about fat body (reported by the Huffington Post):

  • Fat has many colors
Basically there are two types of fat color, namely white and brown. According to researchers, the brown fat cells is useful for the body because it can burn quickly to be converted into energy. While white fat cells like hoarding nature itself in the human body and cause obesity.

  • Not all people have brown fat
Surprisingly, brown fat can hardly be found in the body of obese people. Researchers suspect that brown fat is produced failed because too much white fat in the body.

  • Make the body fat so warm
All types of fat can increase body temperature. The heating is done automatically when a human being in the cold air. I wonder if the fat person does feel warmer even in the midst of the cold.

  • Exercise can alter the DNA of fat cells
The amount of fat in the body is influenced by genetics. However, a healthy lifestyle and exercise can alter fat cell DNA. Therefore, many people who suffer from obesity if can not maintain a diet and exercise lazy.

  • Fat cells also need sleep
When the body is at rest, the fat actually sleep. So if lack of sleep, fat cells eventually ' fatigue ' and the response to insulin can be decreased by 30 percent. That is the reason why sleep deprivation can lead to obesity and diabetes.

  • Fat in certain body parts
Fat can accumulate in certain body parts. Starting from the stomach, chin, arms, thighs, calves up. There is also no visible fat, so although not overweight, a person is still at risk of heart disease and diabetes
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