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It turns out, Depression can be Cured with Acupuncture

Stress can be caused by several factors. And stress experienced in a long period of time can lead to depression. This condition is often very difficult to overcome and interfere with daily activities. But do not worry if you are suffering. Therefore, there is a new option to address this issue.

A new study shows people who are depressed may get many benefits of acupuncture as well as counseling. The researchers found that one in three patients no longer depressed after three months of acupuncture.

"For people who are depressed and have been trying various medical options, but do not get benefits, then they should try acupuncture as a clinical option," said Hugh MacPherson of the University of York, UK, quoted Newsmaxhealth.

In the study, it involved 755 people with depression and divided them into 3 groups. 302 people randomly instructed to receive 12 weekly sessions of acupuncture, 302 other people run counseling sessions, and 151 men undergoing usual care.

While, 70 percent of people have been taking antidepressant medication within three months prior to the study, and half consumed pain medications. Results showed that participants who received acupuncture or counseling showed great improvement over the 3 months compared with those who did not undergo treatment. In fact, the benefits can still be felt for the next 3 months after treatment stopped.

Furthermore, according to information published by the Mayo Clinic, the risk of undergoing acupuncture can be said to be low if someone comes into a competent and certified practitioners. In addition, acupuncture is also planned to cope with the pain and nausea.

"In conclusion, acupuncture is a new option for the treatment of people with depression. This is the first evidence that acupuncture really helps," said MacPherson.
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