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Know More About Hypochondria and Cyberchondria

Hypochondriac is someone who is experiencing hypochondria, which is a chronic mental illness in which a person feels that his life suffering from a serious illness, although the doctor did the examination found no abnormality or disease sources that support the "belief" that.

People with hypochondria has a new trend that is exacerbating the situation. Psychologists warned, this is due to the increasing use of diagnosis through the internet. Many healthy people recognize the symptoms they experienced and there are alarming serious illness in his body. This of course raises its own concerns as to make myself suffer.

However, the level of hypochindriac now experiencing a new phase. The increasing use of the Internet led to what is called cyberchondria. The researchers found that those who are afraid of their health condition deteriorated condition known as they look for answers on the internet. Now, find the answers to the illness of individuals through the Internet are increasingly common.

Recent surveys show that millions of Britons looking for answers online instead of visiting a doctor. In a recent study, Dr. Thomas Fergus from Baylor University in Texas said that the fear of disease cases or could lead to unfounded fears about disability, loss of employment, and medical threat.

"If I am a person who does not like uncertainty, I could be more anxious, looking further, to monitor my body more, go to the doctor more often and much more to take into account where you are looking for new possibilities," said Dr. Fergus.

"If I look at the site of traumatic brain injury and have difficulty tolerating uncertainty, I tend to be are concerned about the causes of a lump on my head."

Research shows that approximately eight to 10 American adults search for medical information on the internet. Dr Fergus involving 512 healthy people with an average age of 33 years to analyze how it affects their anxiety.

In a study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, she uses several steps, including the scale of respondents who rate statements such as, "I always wanted to know what happened about my future "and" I spend most of my time worrying about health I am." Two-thirds of participants unmarried status, more than half of whom are women. Approximately two- thirds have at least a two year degree and more than half of them work at least 20 hours a week.

Dr Fergus concludes that the worst fears of health is not new, some medical information online may be more disturbing than the medical information contained in the manual that people consult or obtain information directly from physicians. He added, "When looking at a medical book, you may not see all the possibilities at once, but on the internet you will be presented with a lot of information."

Last week, Standard Infromation, an NHS -backed agency reported that four out of 10 people claim to put off going to the doctor and more than half choose to find information on the web, as reported by the Telegraph
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