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Simple and Natural Way to Treat Headaches

Headache pain is a condition, which is located around the head, sometimes pain in the neck or upper neck. Headaches may occur for several reasons. Usually, people will consume drinking chemical drugs to relieve headaches, but the risk of side effects could be approached.

Here are simple ways that can be done to overcome the headache (reported by Boldsky):

  • Stop bad habits
One of the worst habits that can trigger headaches is smoking. If you are a smoker, then suddenly stop these bad habits, the first thing you will experience is a headache. When that happens, the only thing to do is to distract your mind.

  • Coffee
Addicted to drinking coffee is one of the reasons why so many people suffer from headaches. Coffee consumption too often is not good for the body, because it becomes a problem, especially for women during pregnancy.

  • Walk
The best way to relieve headaches is trying to walk away. That is, thinking alone and spend quality time with nature and fresh oxygen will help stop a headache naturally.

  • Jaw exercises
The reason why many people suffer from headaches is because kategangan. The best way to get rid of tension headaches are caused by doing jaw exercises. The trick is to open your mouth like he was yawning, then repeat the movement several times to get rid of headaches naturally.

  • Eyebrow Exercises
Possess a headache around the eyebrow ? Try to place the index finger on the side of your forehead and press gently in a circular motion for one minute. Remove the index finger on your eyebrow, and press again for one minute and continue to feel better.

  • Ice pack
Put some ice cubes in a cotton pillow cover, then place a cold compress on the head when you feel sick. Change pillowcases with fresh ice after the ice began to melt.

  • Laugh
Best remedy to get rid of headaches naturally is to share a joke and laugh with friends. Laughter helps you to relieve the stress that can cause headaches.

  • Make use of pillows
You have to roll up your pillow into a cylinder, and then placed under the neck. Next, turn your head from side to side to stretch your neck and shoulder muscles. Doing this exercise will help to get rid of your headache naturally.
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