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The Importance of Reading for Health

Reading books is an activity undertaken to broaden the horizon. In addition, like reading a book would also be smarter. But it turns out, reading a book routines also provide health benefits to your body.

Healthy benefits of reading books (Reported by the Huffington Post) :

  • Facilitate reading the thoughts and feelings of others
A study released earlier this month showed that enjoy reading literature can help strengthen your ability to read minds. The study, published in the journal Science shows that read like fiction literature can foster skill known as theory of mind, the ability to 'read' thoughts and feelings of others.

  • Relaxes
Are you Stressed ? Take a book novel. Research conducted in 2009 at the International MindLab, University of Sussex, suggests that reading is the most effective way to cope with stress, even beating out activities such as listening to music, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, and take a walk.

"No matter what book you read, fun to read can eliminate the worry and pressure from outside," said one researcher, Dr. David Lewis

  • Keep the brain sharp
The study, published in the journal Neurology shows that diligently read the book helps keep your brain stay sharp even when you grow old age. The study found that those who engage in mentally stimulating activities such as reading later on in his life experienced a slower memory decline than those who did not.

"Our study shows that brain training is important for brain health in old age. Based on this, we should not underestimate the effects of day-to- day activities, such as reading and writing," said study author Robert S. Wilson, PhD, of Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.

  • Preventing Alzheimer's disease
According to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2001, adults who like brain -related activities, such as reading or playing a puzzle, are less likely to have Alzheimer's disease.

  • Help you sleep better
Many experts recommend doing some activity before bedtime to help calm the mind and give your body cues to turn a blind eye. Well, reading can be one good way. This is why providing a book next to the bed will be much better when compared to putting a laptop or other gadget.

  • Makes you more empathetic
According to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE, 'drowning' in a work of fiction can increase your empathy. Researchers in the Netherlands revealed that people who are emotionally carried away by the work of fiction in the sense of increased empathy in him despite not knowing.

  • Relieve depression
A study published earlier this year in the journal PLoS ONE also shows that reading books is combined with support for sessions on how to use it, is associated with decreased levels of depression after one year compared with patients who received usual care.

"We found that reading the book has significant clinical implications and the findings are very encouraging," said study author, Christopher Williams, of the University of Glasgow.
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