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Type of Alcoholic Beverage is Good for Health

Alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol. Ethanol is a psychoactive substance and its consumption causes loss of consciousness. In many countries, the sale of alcoholic beverages is limited to only a number of people, generally those who have passed a certain age limit.

When consumed in excess, alcohol can cause side effects mental disruption organic, which is impaired in the function of thinking, feeling, and behaving. But if taken within certain limits, can nourish the body and good for health. Although healthy, consumption of alcoholic beverages must necessarily be limited. Because if excessive, the nature of alcoholic beverages can actually damage the body.

Some alcoholic drinks are also good for health (reported by Mag for Women):

  • Red wine
There have been many studies that says that red wine is a healthy drink that can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Even compounds in red wine called resveratrol as cancer-fighting agents.

  • Beer
A survey ever prove that beer drinkers have better health. Beer was also able to prevent the condition of kidney stones and bone healthy women. Antioxidants in beer has been able to aid digestion.

  • Vermouth
Vermouth is also called the fortified wine that coupled with various kinds of spices. Because of this, including as an aperitif vermouth healthy. Relatively low calorie also used a lot of people to cook and get nutrition in the vermouth.

  • Champagne
Basically champagne made from grape skins. I wonder if the alcoholic beverage is rich in vitamin C. Champagne also has health content similar to white wine.
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