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Understanding Childbirth with the Water birth Method

Water birth is a method of natural childbirth is done in the water. In general, water birth method is done to reduce pain during childbirth. With water birth, can reduce the pain until it reaches 40-70 %.

In the medical history books, the first water birth was recorded in the early 1800s in France. Then the method is developed as an alternative method of childbirth in the Soviet Union, in 1960. popularized by Igor Tjarkovsky. With more modern methods. To further developing water birth in France at the end of the 1960s, in the United States in 1961, and some countries in Asia.

At birth with the water birth method, expectant mothers will be entered into a pool of warm water at the time of entering the sixth openings. The goal for vaginal skin becomes thinner and more elastic so it will be easier to stretch when the baby's head came out through the vagina, even if the birth goes well, it is not necessary to have to tear the perineum (vaginal lips). In addition, the warm water in the pond will also provide a sense of comfort, calm and relaxed, in this relaxed state the body releases endorphins (a kind of morphine that was formed by the body itself) to reduce pain. Warm water is also able to inhibit impulses that conduct nerve pain, making childbirth is not so heavy.

Childbirth techniques with water birth

At birth in the water, the husband also has a very important role in the smooth running of birth, ie doing the massage on her back which aims to provide a sense of relaxation and comfort to the mother during childbirth. This gave birth to the water birth method lasts approximately 1-2 hours after the opening of the sixth where the ordinary childbirth takes up to 8 hours.

Then after the baby is born then the doctor will lift the baby out of the water for the first time be given breast milk. Most mothers sometimes feel worried their baby would choke, but actually it is not going to happen because by the time the baby was already out, the baby was still breathing through the umbilical cord is still connected to the mother's abdomen, so it will not be a problem for babies born in the water.

Equipment Needed in childbirth waterbirth

Some of the necessary equipment in the water birth is a plastic tub large enough (diameter 2 meters) with a bump underneath so that the mother does not degenerate during delivery takes place. The water level in the pond should also be set so above belly button when either the mother in the sitting position, squatting or lying down. Delivery position can be done freely as possible, be sitting down, facing backwards, which makes the mother comfortable.

It also takes water heater and a thermometer to keep the temperature of the water that remains in the temperature of 35-38ºC. It is intended that the baby does not feel the extreme temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the stomach with a baby that did not experience hypothermia. Warmer water temperatures also be why the baby immediately after birth in the water will not cry, because the baby was still in the womb due to water temperatures are still warm. The water used must be sterile and contain no bacteria so it will not cause infection if ingested.

Is it dangerous for the baby ?

In the womb, the baby does not breathe like a baby who has been born, because the levels of prostaglandins is still high, so the diaphragm muscle does not work. For it, so it does not become a problem for newborns, while gliding in the water.

But this method should be considered for water birth mother whose condition is not possible to use this method, as it is for mothers who had pre - eclampsia condition (no possibility of premature babies, twins, breech, bleeding, herpes infections), because the herpes virus does not die in warm water, so it can be transmitted to newborns.

Excess water birth method :

  • Reduced pain in childbirth compared with giving birth in bed, and delivery will be faster than the birth on land. Why pain is reduced?, Due to the relaxation of the muscles throughout the body due to soaking in warm water ( teril ) that has been set in the temperature of 34º Celsius. When the mother's body feel more relaxed, your body will release the hormone endorphins to reduce pain.
  • Perineum become more elastic and relaxed, tear/episiotomy can be avoided.
  • When the process of giving birth, mothers can change the positions at will.
  • The water birth method provides benefits for babies : Because muscle is more relaxed, more open stage, so that the baby came out more smoothly.
  • Warm water pool makes the baby feel still in the amniotic fluid.
  • Calm conditions during pregnancy will be recorded by the fetus and affect the personality and intelligence of the baby in the womb.
  • Reduce nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
  • Creating a balanced life so that the growth of the baby lives to be healthier.
  • Facilitate the course of the process and minimize the pain of giving birth to about 80 %.
  • Increase milk production.
  • Can better control your emotions and feelings.
  • Prevent excessive fatigue during the process of childbirth.
  • Because submerged in water, muscles are working during pregnancy are more relaxed so the birth would go smoothly, because it feels like I've been swimming, fresh and not sweating.
  • Babies are cleaner because there is a lot of blood coming out.

Shortage of water birth method :

Comfort to the mother while soaking in the water made a lazy mother to push.

Requirements with the birth water birth method :

  • Better is always accompanied by her husband, because the husband is very critical role in providing support for both mother and fetus.
  • Exercise routine of early pregnancy.
  • Has a strong will and diligent practice at home.
  • The success of this method depends on the seriousness in preparing for the birth mother.
  • Can not be done by a mother who has a small pelvis, so that should give birth by caesarean.
  • If the baby is breech risk better avoid doing water birth, due to have caesarean section.
  • If the mother has herpes, can be at risk of transmitting the disease through the eyes, mucous membranes, and throat, herpes because germs can survive in water.
  • Can not be done if water breaks first. Because it was feared battery water swallowed by infants and lodged in his lung.

Contraindications water birth method :

  • Mothers who have a narrow pelvis,
  • Babies born breech or transverse
  • Mothers who are under medical care
  • Placenta previa ( where the placenta is not a normal position, and blocking the birth canal )
  • A medical condition of pregnancy complications such as diabetes, pre - eclampsia, heart disease etc.

Tips birth water birth method :

  • Willingness and confidence to give birth in the water.
  • Follow pregnancy exercise, breathing and flexibility to the vaginal opening to facilitate the birth of the baby.
  • Setting up a complete data, such laboratory checks.
  • Before deciding to give birth in the water, first discuss with your gynecologist. Is the doctor and the hospital where you will give birth has been equipped with a special tub for place of birth.
  • If you are already choosing to give birth in the hospital, make sure that the hospital has a policy about water birth method, and are willing to accept the process of giving birth in water.

You need to know about the water birth method :

  1. Technically, water birth with a normal delivery, the only difference being its place.
  2. Inside there is a special tub lumps that serve to hold the position of the mother during childbirth so as not terperosot. Mothers also can set its own position during delivery, for example, sitting, lying down or standing.
  3. In addition to the tub in the special design, other supporting facilities are functioning regulator pump to keep the water circulating. Water heater to keep the water warm and the thermometer to measure the temperature of the pool.
  4. Mom would get into tub when it reaches the opening 7.
  5. Pool should be a place to give birth in a sterile condition.
  6. The water supplied is usually limited to the breast, it is intended that doctors can keep an eye on contractions during childbirth to the mother.
  7. Water temperature is adjusted to body temperature, which is around 37 degrees Celsius.
  8. The water use sterile water, so that the patient does not have to be afraid if swallowed. With aromatherapy and relaxation music.
  9. Warm water can make the skin becomes elastic vagina so that the birth process easier and faster. Pools of warm water, it gives a sense of comfort, calm, and relaxed.
  10. Medical personnel are required to give birth should be trained and understand about the water birth method.
  11. Do not panic when the baby while in the water and do not cry when it has come out of the mother's womb. Babies will remain breathing for umbilical cord is still connected to the mother's abdomen.
  12. After the baby was born, raised and make sure the mother holding the baby in order to create contact between mother and baby. And very good for the mother, if at birth, you feed him directly.
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