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What happens to the body during sleep?

During sleep, the body's recovery process to restore stamina to be in optimal condition. Patterns and sleep well and regularly gives good effects on health. When you're sleeping, there are many amazing things that happened. For example, temperatures increased height and reduced body weight.

Another amazing thing that happens during sleep (quoted from Woman's Day):

  • Body temperature
When it had just fallen asleep, the body temperature will slowly decrease. The decline is a signal to the brain to release the hormone melatonin to sleep became more restful.

  • Weight
There is a special delight for some people who have a habit of weighing in the morning. Expenditure because the water at night when sleeping make the weight reduced. Indirectly, maintain the quantity and quality of sleep can support maximum weight loss.

  • Height
Indeed height will not increase much. However, due to lay all night, the spine will not be suppressed so that makes getting longer. Height increased by at least a few millimeters.

  • Blood pressure and heart rate
When resting, the organs in the body is not going to work too hard in running the job. Thus the blood pressure tends to decrease when sleeping. Heart rate was slower than when awake.

  • Paralyzed muscles
It is amazing this sounds horrible, but actually the muscles are paralyzed during sleep is a normal condition. Because the condition of paralyzed muscles can prevent the body from the movements experienced while dreaming.

  • Eye twitch
When sleeping, the eyes are also experiencing a twitch. Even the researchers themselves do not know why. The amazing thing happens when a person is sleep and REM cycle (rapid eye movement).

  • Inflame
Both men and women can be aroused when sleeping. Even when the dream is experienced absolutely nothing to do with the porn thing. As a result of brain activity that takes a lot of oxygen, blood circulation becomes fast and make someone become aroused.

  • Fart
It is amazing that this one is probably not good news. But according to researchers, when a person has a tendency to sleep often fart. Fortunately, the response was diminished sense of smell when sleeping. So farts that smell will not wake your spouse or yourself.

  • Convulsions
Some people claim frequent seizures when sleeping partner. According to experts, the condition may be triggered by anxiety and stress. While other experts consider seizures during sleep is normal and harmless.

  • Collagen
Collagen is a protein that strengthens blood vessels and provides elastic properties to the skin. When sleeping, increased collagen production. So do not be surprised if people who sleep less face looked haggard and ugly. Because collagen production can not be done optimally.
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