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Combating Depression

We all have heard we are what we eat, but has anyone ever thought of the idea that not just health but our productivity is also affected by what we eat? There are a number of foods that have been reported to treat depression, stress and fatigue and clear your mind of all such negative elements. Yes, a number of foods especially herbs are known for that matter. These herbs can help combat negative events and the post-traumatic depression and anxiety. It looks like nature has a solution for everything. These herbs fill you with positive energy and you are more likely to think broader and hence, look into the brighter side of life. The outcome of anxiety, depression and fatigue can be global. Which means it can affect other areas of your life as well, like your health, productivity, concentration, self-efficacy etc.

Foods are broken down in our body and the products can act as fuel for the functioning of the body. The products of what we eat really have a huge importance because these are going to pass to our brain as well and therefore, have a role in our mental abilities, positivity and broader thinking in this case. For combating depression, complex carbohydrates are known to give brain the energy fuel (glucose) for a longer period of time as they take longer to be broken down. So they can keep you energetic for longer. These complex carbs are found in oats, bananas, barley and whole grain bread etc. These carbs boost up your serotonin levels and help fight depression. Spinach is also known for being rich in serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is derived from tryptophan, an amino acid, which binds to the specific sites in your nervous system and helps combat depression. No matter how tempting it sounds to eat baked foods or other refined sugars when you are suffering a low mood or depression, stay away from these as much as you can at least when focusing on fighting depression because these may feel good or tasty but will lead you to more depression instead. Deficiency of certain vitamins for example vitamin B can also lead to more susceptibility of being depressed. Taking B complex supplements or green leafy vegetables can help overcome this deficiency.

Good amount of sleep is very important. Most of the people under depression do not take proper sleep which disturbs the body clock and has negative effects on body by putting the body under physical stress leading to premature ageing. Take 8 hours sleep and maintain the body clock accordingly, neither more than this nor any less. Even sleeping more may sound as a good avoidance mechanism to fight depression but this also has negative impact on body.

Herbs have been known to help fight depression for many decades. Some of the herbs most widely used for fighting depression and boosting energy are:

Holy basil:

Holy basil improves blood circulation to the brain and therefore it can greatly affect your mental abilities, attentiveness and focus to the work you are doing. It also gives a sense of well-being. This gives a positive psychological effect to your thoughts and therefore you are more likely to think broader and out of the box by the positivity gathered. The positive energy stored by this can be utilized in looking into the brighter side of things and therefore reduces depression.

Indian ginseng or poison gooseberry:

This herb has been known for years to improve brain functioning by giving clarity in thoughts and ideas. It also frees the mind of all the stress.

Water hyssop:

For the enhancement of brain function and productive abilities, this is one of the most guaranteed herbs. It reduces stress and helps give the energy boost that you would want to have in order to perform well, free of negativity and to the full of your attention and capacity.


This is one of the most important herbs for concentration enhancement and it boosts the memory as well.

The use of herbs for your imaginative and inventive skills is very easy. You can grow them in your garden and use in food to add a flavor as well. They can also be mixed in drinks or dried and used the way it is easy for you to have them. A number of essential oils, taken in in teas are also known to have improved creativity.Try these tips out and you will feel the difference yourself in the clarity of your mind and positive energy.

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