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An Easy Way to Detect Sensitive Teeth

Teeth are one of the vital organs in the digestive process. If the function of the tooth is compromised, then the process percerrnaan also be disrupted.

A lot has happened in the teeth, one of which is a sense of pain. Sense of pain that often comes when you're busy enjoying your favorite foods often make the mood to eat so declined. Although short or just a moment, there is still discomfort when eating.

Feeling pain like this should not be overlooked because it can be a symptom of sensitive teeth. The main causes of sensitive teeth is the erosion of tooth enamel so that the layer below the dentin is directly connected to the nerve will be exposed.

To detect whether you feel a sense of pain caused by sensitive teeth, follow the following ways:

  • Try to rinse with cold water
First of all try to feel, is there any sense of pain of short duration but piercing when you rinse with cold water. This sense of pain quickly disappear and different from the constant sense of pain due to cavities.

Besides arise when consuming food and beverages cold temperature, so the sense of pain is a major sign of sensitive teeth will also be felt when consuming foods and beverages that are hot, sweet, sour. It also comes a sense of pain when biting hard textured foods.

  • Grit your teeth and breathe air with mouth
Sensitive teeth tend to be more sensitive to cold air. Cold air coming through her teeth would cause a brief feeling pain in people with sensitive teeth. Sense of pain can be felt in several teeth or even spread around the teeth. Besides being more sensitive to cold air, people with sensitive teeth too often feel pain when brushing teeth or cleaning your teeth with dental floss.

  • Pay attention to your habits when brushing teeth
Do you have the habit of brushing their teeth using a coarse bristle brush with strong pressure from right to left ? You often make a habit of this kind should be alert to the possibility of erosion of the outer layer teeth can cause sensitive teeth.

  • Keep that in mind if you ever do a teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening is a trend among the people. But if too often, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide materials hydroxide is used in the process of teeth whitening side effects will be the erosion of tooth enamel so teeth become more sensitive.

Sensitive teeth is not a disease that attacks the teeth and can be handled with appropriate care. To reduce the sensitivity of teeth brushing habits try to change. Brush teeth with a soft textured brush, slowly in a circular motion. People with sensitive teeth are also expected to reduce food and beverages that are high in acid because it can erode tooth enamel.
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