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An Easy Way to Rest Your Brain

The human brain may also experience fatigue. The reason is because the brain gets too much information so difficult to process. If this is the case will lead to the concentration falls and difficulty thinking. It takes a few things to do in order to be fresh and brain can process information.

Some recommendations are easy to menginstirahatkan brain (Quoted from News.com.au):

  • Sleep
Many people who do not get enough sleep. Do not blame the job or someone else, the solution to all permnasalah related sleep with yourself. Assumption sleep debt on weekends is not an appropriate solution.

If every night you have difficulty in obtaining quality sleep, the first thing to do is to get rid of all electronic devices from the bedroom. Make sure there are no distractions during sleep, either from television, smart phones, and laptops. When sleeping, the brain has to really relax and not be bombarded with new information.

  • log off your social media account
To overcome the fatigue of the brain, make rules and restrictions regarding the use of the internet. Limit only one site at a time and log off the accounts. If still having trouble doing so, use applications that can limit the number of sites opened.

  • One time, just one job
Continues to make a lot of things simultaneously makes the brain tired. Now is the time where people can work on multiple tasks simultaneously greatly appreciated, although the results are less than ideal.

So how do I get to stop doing multitasking, but requires office workers to do that? The trick is to do one task focused and disciplined in applying it. Needless to perform all tasks simultaneously, just one at a time.

  • Always pay attention to
Set aside time each day, for example, for 10 minutes, to not do anything. Same brain like a muscle that develops when rested after exercise. With the rest of the brain, the brain will be easier to pay attention and focus in a long time.
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