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Facts About Childbirth that You Should Know

Childbirth is one of the most thrilling moments at the same time eagerly awaited by women. Heartburn, straining, then heard a baby crying as a sign your child is born, is a prosesmelahirkan for women.

During the birthing process, there are some things that you experienced unconsciously, but it will never be told by a doctor or other medical teams,

Some of the things experienced in childbirth (quoted from the Huffington Post):

  • You will not be allowed to eat
Usually women are not allowed to eat a few moments before Childbirth. These regulations normally applied if to Childbirth by caesarean section. Although the Cochrane review recently concluded women should not eat or drink during and for some time before birth.

"If you are under general anesthesia, doctors do not want your airway is interrupted because of the food. Moreover, when you will Childbirth, there are hunger which initially can be lost instantly," said OBGYN specialist at Stamford Hospital, Dr. Shieva Ghofrany.

  • You need a very long time to push
"Some women would be surprised to know he spent one hour, two hours, three hours, or more. I'm not sure she could realize it. Length of time straining occurs primarily at first birth with normal procedures," said certified nurse at The Center for Midwifery, University of Colorado Hospital, Jessica Anderson.

  • Childbirth is different for each person
If your priorities and your partner want a normal delivery, how to make sure the system is working in your chosen place of birth. "Not a little couples spend more time shopping than searching for info about birthing system," said nurse and certified midwife in New York, Marcy Tardio.

According to Tracy, the key is to make sure what treatment will be obtained after the delivery of interventions to prevent example of how things are and how unwanted baby care performed.

  • Many people will look at your vagina
If you Childbirth in a birth center, the possibility of a team that handles only two or three people. But according to Dr. Ghovrany, in labor at the hospital most likely the more people who can see the current condition of your vagina.

  • Baby's heart rate can go down
During the birthing process, it is natural that the umbilical cord is compressed, causing decreased fetal heart rate. That's according to Dr. Ghovrany can be a scary moment. Although it could be an indication of something more serious, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stressed that the so-called pattern of abnormal fetal heart rate does not always mean there is a problem.

  • Your bowel movements
Before Childbirth, the women are encouraged to first bowel movement. Therefore, when straining, can be inadvertently precisely stool out.

"I often tell the patient to bear down as people want to defecate and in fact often there is no dirt. Was not unusual for our paramedics. Though sometimes when there dirt out, the patient will be embarrassed and not in the mood," said Dr. Ghovrany.

  • You are stronger than you think
Nurses certified in New York, Marcy Tardio said many husbands who told him that he did not believe she managed to Childbirth to her baby with a pretty severe struggle.

"Childbirth has become something that is very challenging and gives a new understanding that you are strong and capable figure through the tough challenges," said Tardio.

  • Breastfeeding can be painful
In some women, breastfeeding after Childbirth does look easy. But there are many women who feel pain. For this reason, a certified midwife at The Center for Midwifery, University of Colorado Hospital, Jessica Anderson said doctors also need to build up my mother to breastfeed her baby.

  • Childbirth is a 'easy job"
Although some couples said the birth was difficult, Anderson admits there are also new parents who said that the delivery process is an easy job.

"We as a provider of medical services is really focused on the delivery process. However, many couples who are already preparing for childbirth until they felt the process was easy," said Anderson.
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