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Several Types of Cancer, the Most Attacking Humans

Cancer is a disease caused by single cells that grow abnormally and out of control so it can be a malignant tumor that can destroy and damage healthy cells or tissue.

Cancer has long been known as one type of deadly disease. Late diagnosis of the disease can worsen the patient's body shortly after the cancer is detected.

Some types of cancer that often affects humans:

  • breast cancer
Women who are in postmenopausal stage are at greatest risk of this cancer. Besides heredity is also a contributor to trigger breast cancer.

  • skin cancer
Multiple skin cancers caused by ultraviolet radiation so that the increase in ozone depletion. As a result, the skin becomes much exposure to ultra violet rays that trigger the emergence of cancer.

  • esophagus cancer
This type of cancer is most prevalent among smokers. In addition it is often very spicy foods or hot capable of causing the cancer to grow.

  • ovarian cancer
This type of cancer is one type of cancer that affects women other than breast cancer or cervical cancer. But the good news, pregnancy and breastfeeding can reduce the risk of this cancer.

  • prostate cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer types in men. Too much fatty food and smoking can lead to the onset of prostate cancer.

  • blood cancer
Blood cancer occurs due to an increase in white blood cells in large numbers. Usually a lot of blood cancer found in children under the age of 10 years.

  • cervical cancer
Cervical cancer is the only cancer that is caused by a virus called HPV. Pap smears and HPV injections can prevent the onset of cancer.

  • Lung cancer
Lung cancer is a killer disease that was ranked top in the world. Unfortunately, air pollution has led to the emergence of this disease is the most common today.

  • uterus cancer
Uterine cancer usually begins with the growth of malignant tumors in the uterine wall. Menopausal women have a higher risk for developing the disease.

  • Bladder Cancer
Bladder cancer is mostly caused by exposure to chemicals and cigarettes. Usually the disease is a disease that most slow to detect.

  • colorectal cancer
Men over the age of 50 years are in a high risk for developing colorectal cancer. This cancer usually affects the colon and upper rectum.

  • Lymph node cancer
Lymph node cancer is the most aggressive type of cancer that attacks the sufferer. Because lymph flow throughout the body and can damage the health of the whole organ.

  • pancreatic cancer
The cause of pancreatic cancer is usually caused by eating too much fatty food and not balanced with vegetables. If you have diabetes, chances are you can develop this type of cancer.

  • stomach cancer
Eating a lot of alcoholic beverages and foods preserved the biggest cause of the emergence of stomach cancer. This disease has killed even more people.

  • oral cancer
Smoking became one of the biggest triggers the emergence of this disease. Because cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals that can damage oral health. Cancer is a disease that can be deadly. However, you can prevent your home is committed to always run a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • brain cancer
This type of cancer is very difficult to treat and have a very serious effect, because the cancer is in the brain and between the brain cells.
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