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Amazing, a Few Things Done Fetus in the Womb, Which You May Not Know

A lot has happened in the process of development of the fetus in the womb. but many do not know the wonderful things that can be done fetus in the womb. Heard, is one of the outstanding activities that can be done when the child in the womb.

In addition to hearing, there are many other things to do fetus in the womb, which you probably did not know. And maybe even you do not believe.

Amazing things done fetus in the womb:

  • Shocked
The fetus in the womb can do many things depending on the age of the womb. Around the age of nine weeks, the fetus is able to react to loud noises around him, including when he heard a loud noise or when the mother's sneezing.

Examples of the fetus can be a shock straight movement which instantly he 'd be kicking her belly.

  • Hiccup
Hiccups can occur when the age of the fetus enters the second or third trimester. When fetal hiccups, the mother will feel like a stomach cramp. Fetal hiccups can be triggered contractions of the diaphragm. So that the fetus can hiccup then he must have a complete central nervous system.

The central nervous system of the fetus makes it able to breathe in the amniotic fluid. Thus, when the amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs, the diaphragm of the fetus can contract quickly and cause hiccups. Almost all women will feel fetal hiccups at least once during pregnancy or even more. Some fetuses are also experiencing hiccups every day or in the intensity time

  • Feel his presence 'rejected'
There are some women who reject the presence of the fetus due to several reasons. Condition of the mother 's refusal can be felt and affect fetal growth. Feeling uncomfortable due to maternal rejection will be connected to the fetal brain.

  • Stress
Stress is the result of its massive stimulus. Not only adults, the fetus can also be stressful, since even in the womb. Stress while still in the womb can not be separated from the stress experienced by the mother. Many of the results of a study that found that the higher the gestational age increased stress hormones. Changes in these hormones also enter the placenta and affect the fetus eventually.

  • Taste food
Around the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus can sip a variety of foods eaten her mother through the amniotic fluid. In the third trimester, the fetus is able to feel whether the food was bitter, sweet, sour or scented garlicky typical example.
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