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Good Food to Maintain a Healthy Digestive

Digestion is a process, where the entry of all the nutrients needed by the body. Many borne diseases of the digestive system that is not smooth and not clean. One of them is colon cancer, which occurs because of the many toxins, hazardous materials, and food waste that settles in the intestines.

Many things can be done to aid digestion so smoothly, one of which is to eat food that is good for digestion.

Here are the natural ingredients are good for the digestive system consumed (quoted from care2.com):

  • Probiotic bacteria
This bacterium is a type of bacteria that is beneficial to the health of your digestive system. These bacteria can be absorbed by the intestine and produce nutrients and healthy in your gut. Therefore, all sorts of leftovers can be completely wasted.

  • Magnesium
This mineral is an effective and gentle laxative to increase the water content in the dirt so it is easy to remove. Magnesium is found in green leafy vegetables. So in addition to the fiber content in it, magnesium is in the kale or spinach is good for the health of your digestive system.

  • Aloe vera
Not many know that aloe vera or aloe vera can nourish your digestive system. Though the plant is able to stimulate spending dirt from your colon. You can make aloe vera juice that is free of sugar and preservatives to launch a bowel movement.

  • Licorice root
Licorice root is a herbal medicine that reduces inflammation in the intestine and sewerage launch of your digestive system. You can boil licorice root and drink boiled water for better digestive health.

  • Lemon water
Drinking lemon water is the simplest way to smooth bowel movements. Drink lemon juice mixed with warm water every morning to cleanse your digestive system.
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