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How to Improve the IQ of Babies in the Womb

Having a smart kid becomes a dream of every parent. To fulfill his dream of parents need to prepare and nutritional needs of babies in the womb. There are several things you can do to improve IQ in infants from the mother's stomach.

Health experts have identified the factors that can increase the IQ of the baby when he was in the womb. Eating healthy foods and stimulate the unborn child while still in the womb, can create connections in the brain to improve intelligence and concentration, which helps them learn in the future.

Here are some things you can do to increase the IQ of the child since he was in the womb (reported Onlymyhealth):

  • Frequently invited to speak fetus
Developing fetus in the womb can hear sound that occurs outside the womb after 23 weeks of pregnancy. Babies in the womb have a limited ability to hear, but can distinguish her voice.

Health experts at the NYU Brain Research Laboratories agreed that listening to soothing music or read a poem for your baby since he was still in the womb may be useful to improve writing, reading and language babies later.

  • Eat a healthy diet
Make the right eating choices will benefit not only pregnant women but also have a positive impact on infant development. Foods high in omega - 3 fats (vegetable) and its derivatives (DHA) increases the baby's brain development.

Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, herring, fish oil, and liver are high in omega - 3, as well as poultry and egg yolks are encouraged to meet the needs of DHA. Foods high in folic acid, which include citrus fruits, broccoli, liver, green leafy vegetables and beans to eliminate the risk of neural defects of the brain and spinal cord in infants.

  • Stimulate baby
Study Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology suggest that dim light can stimulate the baby when placed close to the mother's abdomen. Do not give the baby a bright light directly in the stomach because it can harm the baby's eyes.

You will feel the response when there is a movement to feel kicking or moving of the bowels. Gently touching the stomach is another way to stimulate the baby.

  • Avoid stress
Avoid stress as it can have a negative impact on infant development. If you are stressed and anxious, it is possible to make the baby too worried because you share with her hormones. To avoid stress, practicing relaxation exercises or prenatal yoga.

  • Stop unhealthy habits
Stop smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs because it can hinder brain development in infants, according to a study conducted at the Moffitt Cancer Center.
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