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Indian heliotrope - Heliotropium indicum L

Indian heliotrope - Heliotropium indicum L is a plant that has synonyms: H.anisophyllum P.de B. = H.parviflorum Blanco = Hehophytum indicum A.DC. = Tiaridium Lehm indicum. And including familia: Boraginaceae

These herbs include herb a year, grow upright, may reach a height of 100 cm., Hairy, grown on vacant land that is not maintained, a hot place. Rough hairy stem, leaves alternate single, round egg shape, serrated edge, the upper leaf surface and bottom smooth haired. Small flowers clustered tip of the rod. Flower stem length of ± 10 cm, out of the armpit leaves or stem ends. It grows in dry climates from lowlands to 800 m above sea level.

The composition of Indian heliotrope - Heliotropium indicum L:

  • Chemical properties and effects farmatologis:
Taste bitter, neutral, toxic. Anti- inflammatory, deadly parasites (parasiticide), eliminate itching (anti- pruritic).
  • Chemical Ingredients:
Indicine, acetyl indicine, indicinine.

Curable Disease with Indian heliotrope - Heliotropium indicum L:

Infection and lung abscess, Sore Throat, Thrush, diarrhea, dysentery, inflammation of the scrotum, Ulcer, Thrush, new wounds, Eczema,
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