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Ketchup (Soy Sauce) Potentially Relieve AIDS

Ketchup (Soy Sauce) is one of the popular food supplement in some countries, especially East Asia and Southeast Asia. Food is consumed as a sweet flavor enhancer in food. Soy sauce made from soy, and contain a variety of nutrients that humans need, such as vitamins, proteins and minerals.

One study found a surprising result. Turns out, soy is also potentially alleviate HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Reported NewSer, since 1645, the company producing soy sauce in Japan, Yamasa Corporation, seasoning mix containing molecules EFdA. Content that strengthen the body in response to a variety of chemicals in food. Then in 2001, allegedly EFdA can be used in the treatment of HIV.

University of Missouri went on to explain, eight HIV drugs currently on the market contain EFdA. Drugs are used as therapy continues to be developed to make it more powerful.

"EFdA provide resistance or the body's defense because the content is not easily destroyed in the liver and kidneys, as compared with some other drugs," said Stefan Sarafianos, researchers from the University of Missouri. Lab results have shown that EFdA worked 10 times better in the wild -type HIV and 70 times better on HIV with resistance.

To implement these findings directly, Sarafianos cooperate with one brand to test new drugs more potent. In the future, Ketchup (Soy Sauce) is likely to be recommended as a good food to be eaten by people with AIDS
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