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Some Myths About Food, in Diet

Many people believe that diet is the limiting nutrient in the form of calories activity with accidentally, which is intended to get the ideal body shape. May imply that dietary behavior is emphasized in the weight loss business can be done in various ways, but remain focused on the pattern of food by dieters.

In a real sense, diet is the amount of food consumed by a person or a particular organism. This type of diet is strongly influenced by the individual background origin or beliefs held particular society. Although humans are omnivores, a group of people usually have a preference or avoidance of some foods (from wikipedia).

Diet covers behavioral patterns are varied, from the selection of food is good for health to severe restrictions for the consumption of calories. There are some people who mistakenly interpret certain types of foods in the diet. That is a myth.

Here are some food myths in the diet:

  • Drinking cold water makes fat
Some information says that while diet should avoid drinking cold water because it can cause the fat solidifies and difficult to remove. When in fact by Aldis water has no calories.

Instead of cold water to drink later on in the body will be warmed inside the appropriate temperature. But energy use is not very large, especially when compared with exercise.

  • Lack of sleep makes the body fat
True. Lack of sleep could be caused increased appetite. Because lack of sleep is closely related to the selection of less healthy foods.

In addition, lack of sleep also makes disrupted biological rhythms. When the rhythm of the body is disrupted one trigger hunger hormone, the hormone ghrelin, increased production and tends to make a person hungry.

  • Chili helps burn fat
When eating spicy foods, it happens to an increase in metabolic rate. Even so, the improvement is confirmed by Aldis occurs in small amounts and not significant for weight loss diets.

  • Salad, healthy and suitable for the diet
There is truth, all of this depends on dressings like mayonnaise. If mayonesnya use too much, then the salad so it looks like a soup, of calories will be very high in calories and unhealthy.
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