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Some Things That Can Decrease Brain Function

The brain is one of the most vital organs. The brain is like the center of the machine which then play a role in moving the whole body. Because of its importance, hence maintaining brain health and fitness is very important. There are some things to avoid in order to keep your brain functioning optimally work.

Here are things you should avoid for the sake of the health of your brain:

  • Tax your brain
Avoid overloading your brain with a variety of negative thoughts that will eventually make you stress. This behavior may make you feel confused, making the brain feel ' hot ', and in turn can lower your brain and mental health.

  • Eating "junk food"
Junk food or fatty foods is one of the types of foods that you should not consume. These foods contain fat, salt, and preservatives are quite high and can eventually damage the health of brain cells and block the flow of your brain. As a result of brain health may be distracted.

  • Ignore the 'alarm' in your brain
The brain has the 'alarm' of its own, especially regarding the setting of your daily activities and your level of alertness. This will train your brain to keep it sharp. Therefore, do not ignore your brain when the alarm goes off.

  • Skip yoga or relaxation
Yoga or relaxation is the key to your brain to stay calm. This activity makes you breathe and good brains to manage stress.

  • Doing something without first thought
Often you apply into human spontaneous opt to just say 'yes' without thinking first. This behavior is indeed able to make your life more colorful, but at the same time can also increase your stress.

  • Skipping breakfast
Breakfast is one meal that love to pass. Breakfast gives your brain in the morning vital nutrients that can make your brain fresh and healthy.

  • Sleep less than 7-8 hours
Feel free to give enough time for your brain to rest. Because when you sleep, then you give your brain nerves opportunity to grow, to get rid of toxins in the brain, and restore energy.

  • Shout
Yelling is a form of expression that you normally do when you're angry or upset. But did you know that it is capable of endangering the health of your brain? Because besides making your brain nerves tensed, screaming will also drastically increase your stress.

  • Forget vacation
In addition to yoga or relaxation, vacation is one of the keys to refresh your brain. No need to perform an expensive holiday, just simple things like relaxing or doing things that you like an easy way to relax the nerves of the brain.

The brain is able to affect your mental and physical health. Therefore, you should avoid doing the above for the health of your brain.
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