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When is the Best Time to Exercise, During Hot Weather or Cold?

When the weather outside was cold temperature, people tend to be lazy to exercise. Conversely, when the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was warm, people just eager to perform physical activity. Which is more effective?

In general, the cold weather is actually better for athletic performance as it reduces the effects of 'stress' on body heat, so little chance you will be too hot or dehydrated.

However, exercise physiologist, Daniel Zeman, observed that despite the cold weather is mentioned it is better to exercise, psychologically people seem to be more motivated to exercise when it is optimal in warm temperatures.

"As evidence, consider the natural surroundings. At the spring stop hibernating mammals, plants ready to bloom and people are ready for outdoor activities," he explained.

There is growing evidence that exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays help boost vitamin D levels, which in turn can improve the structure and function of muscle. But remember, you only need to be exposed to the sun for 5-30 minutes a few days a week to produce enough vitamin.

"In the end, both the weather is good, but what really matters is that the natural motivation to exercise longer and more optimum may be obtained when the weather was warm," said Zeman.

To be more optimal, following some good things done during exercise, by the time:

  • Morning
The morning became during this time that many people do, because morning is the start day. With the beginning of a healthy and vibrant it will be good in doing activities during the day.

  • Daytime
If you exercise during the day, do an hour before lunch. Because when the stomach is empty, you can move as you see fit without fear of uninterrupted full stomach. Conversely, if the stomach is full, muscle contraction can not take place properly.

This sport is generally done to refresh the body after a half- day activity. Therefore usually mild exercise done, not sweat a lot and do not cause excessive fatigue.

  • Night
Whatever type of exercise you do should be done four hours before bedtime. Since the time of four hours is most ideal to keep you from sleeping disorders. In addition to the four hours it was also a calculation.
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