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Apparently, Hungry Consists of Some Kind, This is the Explanation

Hungry is a signal sent from the brain to show mealtime has arrived. But, not always appear when the hunger really hungry and need food intake, sometimes there is also a false hunger.

Here are some types of hunger and how to overcome them:

  • Hungry for Real
Actual hunger is the kind of hunger that is very important. Without it, difficult to predict the right time to eat. Actual hunger triggered by decreased blood sugar levels, and physical triggers a sense of weakness, stomach rumbling, and sometimes pain in the head.

The fix is simple, immediately eat. When the hunger of this kind arises, do not delay. There is no harm in preparing light snacks just in case.
  • Hungry Watching TV
Watch TV without snacking something was incomplete. In fact, a study in 2013 showed that the TV can distract against hunger. That is, the signals of hunger and satiety can get distracted while being engrossed in watching TV. No need to wonder if there is a presumption watching TV can make fat.

How to handle it, do not let the hand reach food while watching TV.
  • Hungry Because of Boredom
"Eating just out of boredom is something we all do. One thing you should be able to do is to be able to better tolerate boredom and not rush to do something to fill the boredom.

The fix, change boredom becomes an opportunity for relaxation. Create a list of 5 ways to relax, 5 places to cool off, or 5 people who can talk to fun. When boredom strikes, just select one from the list.

  • Hungry Angry
The fall in blood sugar levels when hungry triggers a reaction in the brain, so that people are more irritable. According to a study, a person who is married and has a lower blood sugar levels tend to be more aggressive in their partner.

The fix, consume fiber and healthy carbohydrates that blood sugar levels do not quickly dropped.

  • Hungry Afternoon
Home from work, hunger mingled with boredom and fatigue. Difficult to distinguish whether it is really hungry or just because of a hurry to immediately finish the day's work.

The anticipation, prepare a snack or a snack at the workbench. Not just any snack if you do not want quickly enlarged waist circumference, select rich in protein. Avoid that contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates unless really hungry.

  • Hungry Stress
"When we stress so not picky," said Susan Albers, PysD, author EatQ.
When you become stressed usually do not pay much attention to what to eat. The food is used as an outlet for stress relief in the head.

To overcome this is to choose a snack that can provide health benefits. Also try to exercise regularly so you do not have to worry if the current stress comes and desire to eat up. You can still maintain your weight.

  • Hungry Because PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)
Intention to diet can be doomed to fail when the Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) began to come. A few days before your period comes it could make changes in hormones that make increased appetite and cravings excess.

No need annoyed with it. It makes sense is if when you grow PMS cravings. To overcome this, note cue if you feel hungry stomach. Eat small portions more if it was hungry.

  • Hungry Mind
It is a condition when you do not feel hungry or tired, but you want to eat something.
According to Minh-Hai Alex, RD, Nutrition Mindful daro Seattle, way to overcome this is hungry mind by asking yourself "what can be given food that for me?". At such times, decide whether you really need to eat or not.
  • Hungry Eyes
Hungry eyes is a condition when you feel hungry and want to eat something that you see. For example, when the roads to the mall and see patisserie, there must be a sense of want to buy a piece of cake, right?

To fix make decisions, ignoring or eating. If you decide to eat, give yourself the space to enjoy it. "Feelings of doubt make us eat quickly so that we do not enjoy it and want to eat it again," said Alex. Remember, the cake will not make the weight gain, but more than 2 would have an impact that is not fun.
  • Hungry Feast
Celebration party necessarily synonymous with delicious dishes that can be enjoyed with friends and family. There is nothing wrong with the food. But if when you party just to be where the food would be a problem because of the desire to eat will increase.
Overcome by sharing food with your friends while chatting or walk around the party area. It will not make you feel hungry again.
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