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Facts About the Laugh, Which You May not Know

Laugh is an expression or action that is responsive, which is created due to the thing or event that is both funny and ridiculous that gave birth to a sense of fun and joy accompanied by the sound of laughing.

Laughing is also an expression of a social nature. In research on Laugh (by William Hudenko, a psychologist from Ithaca College), also found that the average human being 30 times more likely to laugh when you're with other people rather than being alone. This means that Laugh is as a medium of communication with others

Here are some facts about the laughs that you may not know (described Professor Sophie Scott of the University of London, as reported by the BBC):

  • Humor is not the main trigger laugh
As revealed by William Hudenko, a psychologist from the University of Maryland, Robert Provine, also mentioned the same thing. When we are with others, the possibility of Laugh increased by 30-fold. Although not very funny, we so often laughs while talking with a friend or friends. Laugh was a form of communication, not a reaction. This suggests that Laugh is used as an indication of our love and understand others.

  • The brain can distinguish the type of Laugh
The human brain can automatically recognize the difference between the spontaneous Laugh and the Laugh made-up. The front of the human brain works to understand the emotions of others. That is why, we can quickly detect Laugh natural and made-up.

  • Laugh is contagious
Just as yawning, brain research shows that when people laugh, even if triggered by something that is not funny, our brains will respond with Laugh laughing.

  • Laugh does not make the body fit
Although a lot of research that says Laugh can make the body healthy, in fact it is not. Indeed, laugh expend a lot of energy, increasing the heart rate of about 10-20 percent, and burn 10-40 calories, but it can only be achieved if we had a laugh for 10-15 minutes. This means, we have to laugh for three hours straight in order to burn calories produced by a bag of salty fries.

  • Laugh maintain relationships
Although not proven to burn calories in the body, Laugh can boost satisfaction in the relationship. In a study by psychologists from the University of Berkeley, USA, Professor Bob Levenson mentions using a couples Laugh and smiles in the discussion will not only feel better, but also makes it more durable relationship.
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