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Humorous Men More Satisfying for His Partner, Why?

Provide satisfaction in women did not always have to be with a qualified sex techniques or sex positions challenging. Women can be happy with their sex lives if the husband is a humorous person.

Recent studies have shown that the intensity and frequency of lovemaking in women is much more powerful if he has a couple humorous, confident and comes from a family with a good financial condition.

Psychologist George Gallup and his team from the University at Albany, State University of New York, the United States has conducted a survey of women who are already in pairs about how often they experience orgasm during sex. Researchers also asked things more detail as family income spouse, body size, personality and physical appearance.

In addition to the data, the researchers also asked friends each respondent to rate the attractiveness of the partner. This is to maintain the accuracy of the data and prevent any biased opinions about the kind of guy who can satisfy the sexual desire of women to the front.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, based on the results of the survey are also supported by interviews, it appears that the intensity of orgasm in women depends on how much of their interest in the couple, the frequency of sex in a week and the level of sexual satisfaction. Respondents whose partner is considered more attractive by his friends turned out to be more likely to feel an intense orgasm.
Respondents with a clever and humorous couples also increase the likelihood of a woman to get a great orgasm. For a humorous man not only showed that he had a high confidence but also intelligent. That appeal to men who make women more comfortable around him. Comfort that make women more easily get an intense orgasm.

This study supports previous studies conducted romance Cupid's website. The study found that the main factor that makes a man or woman's sex desire arises is a sense of humor.

As many as 78 percent of respondents think a sense of humor as a great aphrodisiac effect on libido. Why humor can help increase sexual desire? As quoted from Tango, too many people view sex as something serious. Worry can not satisfy your partner, fear of not getting an orgasm or inferior to the body shape. And with a laugh not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also to change the mood in the bedroom. Laughter also helps create more neuropath in the body that facilitates a person to feel the sensation and pleasure.
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