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Is Dental Scaling and Polishing Safe?

Dental scaling and polishing is a process that provides thorough cleaning of the teeth. Scaling helps to remove hard tartar that forms on the teeth like a scale on the inside of a kettle after constant use in boiling water. Brushing of the teeth cannot remove this tartar but scaling can. It also gets rid of food that is trapped in between the teeth and plaque that contains many unseen germs and are responsible for causing gum disease and tooth decay. Stains brought about by red wine, cigarettes, tea and coffee over long period of time are cleaned away through teeth polishing. Both procedures can be carried out either by a hygienist or a dentist.

What Exactly Happens During Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling of the teeth can happen in two ways and these are hand scaling or electric scaling and these use hand scalers and electric scalers respectively.

Hand scalers are available in different shapes and sizes in order to reach various parts of the teeth. It is not uncommon to see a hygienist changing the instruments in use every often to reach different teeth.

Electric scalers make use of extremely fast vibration and water. This water is then sucked out of the mouth and then the hygienist uses a hand scaler to check if the teeth are totally clean.

For the polishing process a hygienist uses a rubber polisher or rotating brush with toothpaste. Scaling is useful in cleaning above the gums and below. If one has gum disease then scaling has to be much deeper around the teeth roots. This is referred to as tooth planning and the hygienist could need to give the patient a local anesthetic to make it less uncomfortable. One is also given extra information by their hygienist after the process on how to thoroughly clean the gums and teeth at home to prevent building up of plaque.

How Safe Is Dental Scaling And Polishing?

Dental scaling and polishing is very safe and is highly recommended since it guarantees better dental health. It doesn't pose any danger whatsoever to the gums. Regular scaling and polishing makes the process much easier, shorter and less painful for an individual.

Benefits Of Dental Scaling And Polishing:

  • The teeth are shaped in such a way that makes them uneven and hence the toothbrush can't always access many parts of the mouth leaving food stuck. Scaling and polishing is able to reach even the most hidden corners that aren't reached every day with normal brushing.
  • It reduces severity in gum disease and stops bleeding.
  • It helps prevent bad breath by doing away with harmful germs.
  • It is beneficial in keeping the gums and teeth healthy and cleaning teeth at home becomes much easier and one starts to feel and see the difference in their dental health.
  • The teeth feel much cleaner and this boosts an individual's self- confidence.

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