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Nutrient Content of Grapes - Vitis vinifera L

Grapes is a plant belonging to the family Vitaceae. This plant has the Vitis vinifera L. latin name.

The grapes-shaped shrubs, long-lived (perennial), +/- 8 m long. Taproot. Woody stems, cylindrical, creeper, brownish green color, smooth surface. Single leaf, composed of alternate,green, round to oblong shape, length 10-16 cm, width of 8-14 cm, thin leaf blade rigid, grooved base (emerginatus), scalloped edges tapered (dentatus), hairy surface (villosus). Compound interest, the form of the panicle, appears in the armpit leaves (axillary), petal-shaped bowl (urceolatus) - green, leaf crown attaches (gamopetalus). Bacca, round or oval, length 2-3 cm, green, purple, or black, oval seeds form - light brown. Generative (seeds) or vegetative (cuttings)

Nutrient content of grapes:

Grapes are rich in antioxidants as vitamin A and C it. Wine also contains calcium, iodine, manganese, potassium, zinc, selenium, and natural sugars such as dextrose and glucose.

Diseases that can be treated with grapes:

Grapes can prevent and reduce asthma, heart disease, migraine, breast cancer, etc.
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