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Some Combination of Infused Water and How to Make

Infused water is a way to consume mineral water, to health. That is by mixing different kinds of fruit into a container that has been filled with water, then covered and refrigerated.

Here are the benefits of Infused water by a combination of various fruits are used:

  • Strawberries and kiwi
Beneficial for cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, lowering blood sugar, and facilitate digestion.

  • Green tea, mint leaves, lime
Beneficial for fat burning, digestion, relieve headaches, constipation overcome, and maintain respiratory health.

  • Cucumber, lemon, lime
Helpful for overcoming bloating, control appetite, treat dehydration, and maintain digestive health.

  • Lemon, lime
Benefits as a source of vitamin C and enhance the body's defense system.

If in the making attention to cleanliness, infused water can be stored up to one week. So it is the perfect beverage for your wedding souvenirs, because the drink is not healthy and should be consumed, any container can then be stored.

How to make infused water:

Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water or mature, so the risk of contamination of the water used for washing will be reduced. Avoid vegetables that produce gas because it can lead to bloating, such as cabbage, collards, broccoli stems, and others.
In addition to the above materials, you can combine various types of fruits and vegetables as desired and creativity so as not to get bored. Do not forget, keep consumption of food sources of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, so that the needs of other nutrients in balance.
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