The content of Olive - Olea europaea

Olive is a plant that has a scientific name: Olive - Olea europaea. This plant is included in the Oleaceae tribes.

Included in a small olive trees, is an annual and perennial green. Young fruit can be eaten raw. Old fruit is squeezed and the oil extracted into olive oil.

Olives began to bear fruit when she was five years old and can reach thousands of years, so that was a clump has become a big tree. The olive trees of which are thousands of years old have been found in Palestine which survived until 2000 years.

The content of nutrients in Olive - Olea europaea

Olive oil has been extracted into, contain less saturated fat, omega - 6 and linolenic acid (omega - 3) essential fatty acids in the ratio of 8:01 is recommended. In addition, olive oil has a fairly high calorie content. calorie content owned olive oil because these fats. However, the fat contained in olive oil is a type of unsaturated fat that is not harmful to health even better effect.

In addition to this, olive oil also contains several other substances, among others:

Triglycerides, Olive oil contains a small amount of triglycerides and free fatty acits, glycerol, pigments, aroma compounds, sterols, tocopherols, phenols, resin components are identified and others.

Oleic acid, of oleic Olive oil contains monounsaturated. Certain fatty acids reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), which is responsible for the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, and increase HDL (Good cholesterol).

Tocopherols, olive oil contains tocopherols. Tocopherol contained in olive oil does not only depend on the compounds in olives, but also on several other factors. vitamin E to polyunsaturated fatty acids in olive oil better than other vegetable oils.

Phenolic compounds, Most of these compounds contained in olive oil. The compounds serve to improve the oxidative stability and enhance the flavor. Hydrohytyrosol, tyrosol and some phenolic acids are mainly found in olive oil. Phenol contents and composition of these phenols in olive oil depends on the height at which the olive trees grow, at the time of harvest and the processing conditions.

Diseases that can be treated with Olive - Olea europaea:

Olive oil has been extracted into, very useful to prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of diabetes, helps prevent cancer, Improve brain power, Preventing Diabetes, Stop Pain, etc.
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