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To be Comfortable and Healthy, Avoid Putting this Stuff in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the space where you can get relaxation. Beds can create a cozy atmosphere, so that you will feel survive in your bedroom. The bedrooms were clean and tidy certainly will affect the quality of one's sleep. However, there are some things whose existence is also affecting the quality of your sleep. So it will affect your health and comfort.

Some of the items should not be placed in the bedroom, among others:

  • Mobile phone
There are many reasons why someone reluctantly away from the mobile phone and still want to bring a cell phone into the bedroom. Start of use it as an alarm to fear there will be an emergency call.
Nonetheless, there are actually many other reasons that make you should not get used to like it. Because every time there is a notification or the sound of a mobile phone, you will certainly be back vigilant and sleeplessness.

Not just from the sound, light mobile phone also affect your sleep. A study says artificial light emitted from smartphones and other electronic devices can trigger a signal in the brain and disrupt production of the hormone melatonin. No wonder you will be hard to sleep when playing mobile phone before bed.

  • Laptop, documents and work
After struggling to keep cell phones out of the bedroom, do not forget that you also avoid the bedroom advised of other objects related to work such as a laptop, book or other document. Do not make the bedroom as an 'emergency office'.

Harvard's Division of Sleep Medicine says that the bedroom is a room that should really be conditioned to sleep. By bringing the work to the bedroom, this means you have limited time you rest. Nighttime is the time that should be used for the rest of the body, so it should not be forced to work.

  • Pets
Not least those who keep pets, such as dogs or cats that took him to sleep together. First, every time the animals move, you would tend to wake up. Even a report in 2014 that about 30 percent of pet owners who share a bed with their animals, get up at least once in the evening.

In addition to making you easily awakened, the existence of a pet in the bedroom can also be brought in the dust. For those of you who are sensitive, this condition can lead to a recurrence of allergy.

  • Food
breakfast in bed may sound fun. However, if the food is then leaving droppings on the mattress. The existence of these food scraps will certainly bring bacteria and germs, which can then be inhaled by you.

In addition, accustomed to bring food into the bedroom also can make the weight increase. The reason is, you certainly will become accustomed to eating a lot before bed or while listening to music. Not only weight increases, the risk of diabetes and heart disease increases.
  • Book
Find another way to make you sleepy than by reading a book. Because not always make you sleepy, if delivered an interesting story, then you most likely it will remain vigilant as curious about the next story.

Therefore, I wonder if reading a book before bed can make you become less quality sleep. If you feel the 'need' to read before bedtime choose a reading light and do in the room, not in the bedroom.
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