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Which is better, wear a bra or not?

Bra is used underwear is women who have had breast mature. Bra is used to prevent breast sagging, maintaining breast firmness, and cover the breast itself.

With the development of science, there is controversy about the function of the bra. Are women better wear a bra or not?

Professor Rouillon spent 15 years at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire do research on women's breasts. Rouillon found that women who have never had breast wearing a bra average of seven millimeters taller than women who used to wear a bra.

Rouillon believe that bras cause breast sagging. A woman involved in research Rouillon said, "There are some benefits of not wearing a bra. I breathe easier and not feel pain in the shoulder."
John Dixey, the former CEO of the manufacturer of the famous bra, Playtex, even admitted, "We have no evidence that wearing a bra could prevent sagging breasts. Because breast itself has no muscle, so keeping it toned it impossible."

As reported by the Inquistr, many studies have shown that the most likely use of the bra for hours will encourage the emergence of breast cancer. As is known, breast cancer is the second biggest killer of women.

Although cancer treatment today has grown rapidly, until now the cause of breast cancer is not known for sure. As anticipated, you might be able to take off a bra while sleeping at night. That way, you can free up the flow of blood to the chest and let the breast skin pores to breathe.

With some of the above opinion, you can decide for yourself, which one is better, wear a bra or not. But if you choose to keep wearing a bra. Choose the most appropriate size for your body. But if you choose to keep wearing a bra. Choose the most appropriate size for your body.
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