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While Working, Remove the Stress of Working with this Way

Many jobs and poor working environments often cause discomfort. This can cause stress because of work. Can also cause difficulty focusing and mental disorders as well as psychological
Stress is often regarded as a mental condition. However, it has a mind of stress can often manifest itself in the form of physical ailments such as headaches, stomach problems, skin problems, sleeplessness and weight.
Here are some tips to avoid stress from Jay Brewer, Nuffield Health Professional Head of Physiology, as quoted by page Female First, November 5, 2014. These tips can even be done while you work:

  • concentrate
Rather than trying to finish some work at the same time, better finish the job one by one. It can make you more calm than doing work simultaneously.

  • Taking a breath
Focus on taking a breath can reduce your tension. The feeling obtained when taking a breath will make you relax, especially when taking a deep breath. Therefore, it can make you more focused at work.

  • enjoying time
Enjoy your moment, and stopped to worry about what will happen today, and tomorrow. Try to relax with a cup of tea for a while.

  • sport
Such as the release of endorphins (happy hormones), exercise can help you to control stress and relaxes the muscles of the body. Stop for a moment to take a breath and stretch your muscles.
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